Hangloose Hammock Company

'Life's too short, you just gotta relax & hang loose'


HangLoose Hammock Company is all about making people comfortable no matter what your age or physical capabilities might be. Over the years we’ve explored various designs and ideas that would set HangLoose Hammocks apart from its competition. Finally a single point hammock chair with a comfort specific pattern was created using a uniquely thick and durable yet soft cotton/polyester cord which has proven to us and our customers to be one of the most luxuriously comfortable hammock chairs on the market today.

We continue to strive to improve our knowledge of our product as ‘relaxation specialists’. Whether you’re expecting a baby and need some lower back relief or maybe you have an infant and need a special place to nurse or bond with your child; may it be that you get migraine headaches and desire a place to quiet your mind, meditate after a long busy day or listen to nature as you relax in your hammock chair by a river on a camping trip; no matter where you are or what you may be doing we want to help you relax.
                                             David Egnatz

 We specialize in one hammock chair design that suits anyone of any age and any size!

Colors vary depending on what is available.

Shipping & Handling varies depending on destination

Hammock Chair $145 

HangLoose Hammock Chair Color:
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Hanging Hardware Kits $7
(an eye screw, 2 s-hooks & a 16” length of chain)

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You can contact us:

by Email: hammockhealth@yahoo.com


by Phone: 208-720-4261


You can hang your ‘HangLoose Hammock Chair’ outdoors from a patio overhang or tree...


...as well as inside your home in a living room and / or bedroom-- this way you make use of your hammock all year round!


* Get lost in a good book-- curl up with your children and read

* Relax, kick back, meditate at the end of your day

* Invite your friends over and just hang loose!

* Give the gift of relaxation: for a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day


Just want to say thanks so much for the wonderful hammock, after bringing it home we decided we will need to buy some more- we move in a month or two and for the new house we will need a couple for outside, a couple for the living room, I tried to tell my husband I need one for the kitchen, but he's not convinced. Anyway, thanks for the great product, I don't use my couch anymore!’ ~ Ange Movius

Thanks for hangin' with us!

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